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Size Charts & End Finishings

Rope Diameter Guide

4mm is most commonly used for CBT and detail oriented rope work such as face, hand, and foot bondage. This diameter is also great for adding that last decorative detail.


6mm is what is most commonly seen in both American and Japanese bondage. Used in all stages of rope work- from body harnesses to full rope suspensions this is a great diameter to work with.


8mm is more commonly used for structural stability, anchor points for suspension, or heavy mummification. Some people prefer to tie and be tied with this rope because of the thickness. It is also great for the play partner with a larger frame.


End Finishings Guide to Hemp Rope

Overhand Knots  are the most traditional end finishing used widely in Japan and Europe. These knots can be used to lock off ties or to add on another piece of rope. Great for any diameter of rope we offer. Unless otherwise specified, your rope will arrive with overhand knots.


Crown Knotting  is a series of 3 knots tightly spliced end on end creating probably the most durable end finishing offered. This end style is gaining popularity in the US as it is a slimmer and more decorative finishing than the overhand knot. We suggest crown knots in 4mm and 6mm diameters.


Sailmaker’s Whipping  is currently the most popular end finishing in the US. Twine or heavy industrial threading is tightly woven in between the strands of rope leaving a smooth and non bulky finish. The whipping shown on the right has been finished in natural hemp twine. When you order whipped ends, unless a color is specified, the ends will be finished in black. See our color chart below for more options.


Some of our customers prefer to have their ends whipped with colors according to how they tie or organize their rope lengths. If you would like this service, or would like another end finishing that we do not offer on this page or center marking, please contact us for information.


Rope Refurbishing Service

Is your rope fuzzy? Frazzled ends? Getting dried out? Just plain old n’ dirty? If so, we are proud to offer a rope conditioning and refinishing service. Your rope will be expertly washed, hand conditioned, burnished and the ends will be re-whipped, taped, or knotted (as you had originally ordered them). Please contact us for a quote on having your rope reconditioned.

Bondage Scarves Guide

Bondage Scarves come in two sizes, “small” a long rectangular scarf that is 13 inches by 5 feet and “large” a squared scarf that is 3 feet by 3 feet. Our scarves have many uses from blindfolds to cleave gags and wrist ties to ankles. The size we recommend depends on the way you enjoy to tie but either size can be used in any way you desire.


Damon prefers the “large” scarves. He likes the thickness and weight that they offer over the length. Claire prefers to work with the “small” rectangular scarves because of the longer 5’ length and slimmer width. Either size can be used to tie gags and blindfolds.


Our scarves come in a variety of colors to compliment your play gear or rope or to simply just have your favorite color. A set of scarves makes a fantastic gift for anyone!

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