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Vintage Rope


Vintage Rope is a cottage industry lovingly created by Damon Pierce and Claire Adams. Damon Pierce is a highly respected and renowned rope artist and bondage enthusiast working for some of the Adult Industry’s most well known Photographers and Videographers. Claire Adams is a well known and accomplished bondage model, rigger, and director. She has worked for some of the most progressive and infamous sites in the industry known for her bondage stunt work.


Together their love for rope created a desire to manufacture a product that was honed to their personal desires and stringent requirements. Being bdsm community lifestylers, professional riggers, and rope fetishists, they wanted to create a unique product that had the versatility and stamina to endure the harsh treatment of both play and work. With the culmination of all of their personal desires and experiences in action, Damon and Claire met Helios Project.

Helios Project is considered to be one of the modern pioneers and inventors of the standard and high quality of hemp rope in the industry today. Working both professionally with the originators of the rope company and being good friends with them, a unique relationship was created. Helios Project merged with Vintage Rope.


Fusing the techniques, experiences, and knowledge between the two companies was a fun and enjoyable challenge for us. We created a craft and quality that makes Vintage Rope a unique and versatile product; different, authentic, and fresh and with the vintage style and feel that we love and admire. We sincerely hope you enjoy our rope as much as we love making it and tying with it!


Have A Hot Knot Rope Night!



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"As testimony to the beauty & quality of your product, our photo shoots demonstrates the sensual nature of your product. The natural Japanese hemp's ability to securely restrain the girls in comfort while being very easy for me to handle has made it the rope of choice at the Bondage Spa. Aromatherapy is a big part of the Spa treatments and I'm very impressed with the unique scent of your rope. I've never experienced anything like that before. Your unique finishing process has definitely produced a superior product."

A Testimonial on our Japanese Silken Hemp from Master James of Bondage

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